Healing from the Trauma of the "Boarding Schools"

Tue Sep 14, 2021

Healing from the Trauma of the “Boarding Schools”

The next Redthought event addresses the history of the “civilization” program designed to destroy Native nations and peoples by kidnapping their children and forcing them to undergo a brutal reeducation program in boarding schools far from their families. The goal was to destroy Native languages, cultures, ceremonial and spiritual traditions by breaking generational bonds between children and their communities. Untold numbers of Native children suffered permanent damage to their psyches as a result of physical and psychological abuse. Many died. There are, for example, 70 unmarked graves at the Sherman Indian School Cemetery in Riverside, California. The total death toll from the more than 350 schools is unknown, but the recent discovery of hundreds of graves at similar schools run by the Canadian government indicates the number was high.  The boarding schools prevented Native children from learning the knowledge and wisdom of their peoples and substituted a curriculum of domination and indoctrination, an attempt at genocide from which Native peoples are still attempting to heal today. 


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